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Pad Printer Ceramic Clichee Mass Quantity Production
Author:Materevo Time:2019-02-06
After our professional engineers' 5 years' research and trial production, suffering the failure and enjoying the success, we got the final good result for pad printer ceramic clichee mass quantity production in recent days. Our ceramic clichees choose the 99.7% Germany imported purity alumina raw powder, combine with our unique mould production method to overcome tiny pin holes and air bulbs problems,  which avoid ink leakage in actual printing. Our special machining technology make sure the ceramic clichees' surface roughness is better than Ra<0.02um, achieve ultra flat to make good sealing in this domain.

High Alumina ceramic clichees has extreme high hardness, anti-wear, electricity insulation, corrosion resistance and low heat transfer property. These determines the ceramic clichees can be used in precise pad printing domain(Lifespan is about 5 times longer than common steel plate).

We are OEM for several famous pad printer brands in world at present and wishing our products will help you in industry. 

Our present ceramic clichee dimensions are: 100*70*10MM,150*100*10MM,210*100*10MM,250*100*10MM and 250*125*10MM.

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