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Add:2F,No.2 Huaxia Road, Lujia Town, Kunshan, Jiangsu 215300, China
Name:Soleilven Zhu
MSN: qinglong_z@hotmail.com Skype: soleilven 点击这里给我发消息 点击这里给我发旺旺信息
About Us

We proudly work, adhere to the pursuit and our future, we are tolerant to diversity ......

In 2003, we began the new material ( Silicon Nitride and Zirconia ) industrial applications of research and exploration, which outline the current product models. We also broke through the zero in domestic related fields, we are pioneer and leader.

2004 , we achieved a new high-precision bearing rolling material ( balls , rollers and roller ) , high-precision transmission parts ( deep groove ball bearings, angular contact bearings, thrust ball bearings and spherical plain bearings ) and high-precision industrial subsidiary parts ( high-strength seals, corrosion resistant parts , high temperature parts, wear parts and special shaped pieces ) industrial production, which laid domestic enterprises in this new position in this area . In the same year, we gain several world -renowned company's attention , access and business tentative cooperation .

2005 , according to the market environment we improved the product range , stable the product quality and enhance the production of large-scale production , access to world-renowned enterprises certified supplier of products for overseas market has laid a solid foundation .

In 2006, we successfully developed alumina ( 95% and 99.5 % purity ) , silicon carbide and tungsten carbide ( cobalt, nickel ) and other materials, products , deepened further awareness of new materials and application .

2007 , we started with the world's 33 countries and regions, nearly 150 companies for various levels of business exchanges and cooperation , and nearly 50 domestic enterprises and research institutes to establish business contacts.

In 2008, we established a new material in the field of brand and image - bearing rolling fields ranked first in China ( silicon nitride balls , zirconia and alumina balls balls ) , new materials, high-precision transmission parts among the domestic field of three ( full ceramic bearings ) , printing oil cup ring structures and new materials industries are also in a leading position .

2009 - we constantly improve themselves internal management, optimization of industrial production processes , enhance product quality control system, through continuous active learning to enhance resisting ability , successfully withstood the global financial crisis . After years of growth and development , the activity proves that we are capable enough in this new material field, strong engouh to develop and grow .


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